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The Application of HZS Commercial Concrete Plant

Jul 09, 2020

The commercial concrete plant is used for concrete production. HZS series commercial concrete plant belongs to the wet batch concrete plant. What is its application and advantages? Let’s come to know it together.

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The commercial concrete plant adopts the internationally popular modular structure, twin shaft concrete mixer and dual-control computer control model, featuring low noise and environmental protection.

It is applicable for commercial concrete production and large-scale infrastructure construction projects such as roads and bridges, water conservancy, airports, ports and places with large demand for concrete.

The advanced automatic control system is of stable performance, simple operation and powerful function. It can realize real-time observation and control of concrete slump, and can be connnected to test the moisture content of sand and stone.

It can provide remote communication interface in order to transfer the data of each workstation to the office to achieve instant reading of production process data, which is convenient for management.

As a concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery can realize flexible combination according to the requirements of the customers. It can produce dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete, which are an ideal equipment for mass concrete production.

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