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Industrial Concrete Plant V Commercial Concrete Plant

Jul 09, 2020

No matter it is an industrial concrete plant or commercial concrete plant, both belongs to the wet mix concrete plant. Their key configuration such as weighing system and concrete mixer are same. What are their differences?

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1. Different application scope

The industrial concrete plant is usually build beside the construction site, which mainly serves a certain project. Its configuration is very simple, only for meeting the concrete production required for the project.

For the buyers of commercial concrete plant, they make use of it to invest in the business of buying and selling concrete. According to different business needs and customer requirements, they produce different kinds of concrete for sale. The configuration of the commercial concrete mixing plant is very complete to meet the needs of different customers as much as possible.

2. Different configuration

  • The type of admixture, cement label and number of cement silos are different. The engineering admixtures and cement labels are few, and the number of admixtures and cement silos are also less.

  • The industrial concrete plant does not require external sealing, and the structure is simple. The commercial concrete plant is externally sealed, pursuing beauty and environmental protection.

  • The price of commercial concrete plant is relatively high.

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