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The Main Kinds of Concrete Pumps

Jul 13, 2020

At present, concrete pumps have been widely used in various engineering fields. It has many kinds according to the structure and function. And each kind also has many models according to the the power and capacity. The common ones are long boom concrete pump, trailer line pump, diesel concrete mixer pump and truck mounted concrete pump.


1. Trailer line pump

According to the power, it is divided into electric motor and diesel engine power. In areas with normal power supply and construction sites, the power of the motor is better because of the low cost. The diesel line pump is highly mobile, and is not affected by the power supply, but the cost of use is slightly higher than that of the motor pump.

2. Long boom concrete pump

Compared with other pumps, it has its own boom, which can convey concrete without manual piping, which is of convenient operation. In addition, it is equipped with a truck chassis, which can move from one work site to another location.

3. Diesel concrete mixer pump

It has the functins of mixing concrete and pumping concrete on site. It is of simple operation, small size, stable performance and convenient movement. The number of operators is greatly reduced. The construction distance of the diesel concrete mixing pump is very long through the pipelines. It is an ideal choice for rural and urban construction.

4. Truck mounted concrete pump

The truck mounted concrete pump is used very frequently in many small and medium-sized construction sites. Because it does not have booms, it needs manual piping. In addition, on the construction site, for high-rise buildings that are difficult to reach by the concrete boom truck, you can choose truck mounted concrete pump only if it has the enough power to reach the height.

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