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The Cost Control of Stationary RMC Plant

Jun 23, 2021

How to run a stationary RMC plant successfully and make it profitable? We need to have a cost control of the the raw material and production

Cement is one of the most important materials in commercial concrete, which has a huge impact on the quality and performance of ready-mixed concrete. Try to choose the cement from one or two manufacturers as much as possible. Its strength standard deviation is small, the adaption range for various admixture manufacturers should be wide, and the slump loss rate should be small over time.

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The crushing value of sand and gravel aggregates should be small, which is suitable for continuous gradation. Its needle flake content and mud content should be small. There are no other harmful substances.

Slag powder has a large specific surface area, high activity index, high fluidity ratio, and low ignition loss. Fly ash has high activity index, low water requirement ratio, and low ignition loss. SO3, moisture content, chloride ion content, alkali content, etc. must also be tested as necessary.

Ready mix concrete plant can use tap water or natural water without harmful impurities. Low-grade concrete can use circulating water slurry to reduce waste and reduce costs.

The production management of stationary concrete batching plant for sale is a scientific control method for the whole process of commercial mixing. It completes the realization of commercial concrete products through effective control of various links and various influencing factors related to the commercial concrete production process.

Therefore, we also need to stress the equipment maintenance. We need to do weight verification on a regular basis. When encountering abnormal fluctuations in concrete quality, the re-inspection should be timely to ensure that the concrete production measurement is accurately measured in accordance with the mix ratio issued by the laboratory.

Keep the metering system clean and ensure that the mixer and its accessories are in good condition. It is forbidden to shorten the mixing time at will to ensure that the concrete has enough mixing time.

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