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The Engine Haomei Chooses for 4 Yard Concrete Mixer Truck

Apr 15, 2020

The engine is the heart of the 4 yard concrete mixer truck. When we equip the concrete truck with an engine, we need to consider its working requirements and environment.


Most of the concrete mixer trucks are for short or medium distance transportation, therefore, the overall haul distance will not be particularly long, but the road environment is also relatively complex, which the 4 yard concrete truck may pass through national highways and provincial highways, or even run in densely populated urban areas, so its demand for power is very strict.

In addition, the concrete truck always need to queue up to load and unload, so the the vehicle is often in a waiting state, but at this time the engine still needs to be in an idling state, which generally accounts for 50% of the entire running state. The oil consumption has become a big problem for the concrete mixer truck.

In most cases, the 4 yard mixer truck for sale will be in a state of full load when driving to the job site and return with an empty load. No matter which state it is in, we can’t ignore the safety problem. If in mountain areas, the mini concrete mixer truck will face various slope conditions. It is also a severe test for the safety of the vehicle.

Finally, since concrete mixer trucks often need driving on non-paved roads, strong vibration and harsh working environment are a severe test for the reliability of the engine. To meet all these needs, we need a reliable engine with low failure, low idle speed and low energy consumption,which can pass through three environmental tests of alpine, plateau and high temperature. For our this mini concrete truck, we choose Weichai engine. Other engines are also available for you to choose according to your requirements.

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