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Top Six Purchasing Tips for 4 yard Concrete Mixer Truck

Apr 15, 2020

4 yard concrete mixer truck is a popular model at home and abroad. It mainly consist of power take-off, front and rear support of the mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, operating mechanism, cleaning system,etc. What should you pay attention when buying a 4 yard concrete truck for sale? We have six tips for you.

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1. Reliable operation

After the concrete is loaded into the truck, it is required to be discharged to the working surface within 2 hours or less. The overtime or stopping mixing during the transportation will lead to the waste of the concrete or even cause damage to the vehicle. Therefore, the first consideration for the selection of concrete mixer is that the vehicle must be very reliable and we should pay attention to the key parts such as engine and transmission device.

2. Proper capacity

It seems that a large-capacity concrete mixer truck has higher transportation efficiency. But this also will lead to high purchasing cost and a decline in passability. The construction site is generally small and the road conditions for temporary construction are very poor. The inconvenience of large vehicles must be fully considered.

3. Durable manufacturing material

Sand and gravel are the main components of concrete. They make the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet ports wear seriously during operation. The storage tank of the cheap ones are generally made of high-strength low-alloy steel steel. Hamei 4 yard mixer truck for sale is made of pecial wear-resistant steel with manganese and boron.

4. Scientific design and complete discharging

If the residue in the tank is too much, will reduce the storage tank capacity and make it very difficult to clean.

5. Considerate after-sale service

The concrete mixer truck is a special heavy vehicle, with less ownership and fewer sources of accessories. Therefore, whether the manufacturer can provide convenient, fast and reliable after-sale service is an important factor that must be considered in the selection.

6. Reasonable price

As a popular model, there are many brands of 4 yard mixer truck for sale. Don’t only care about the price without knowing its configuration. The choice of the key parts such as the engine or the chassis has bring a huge change to to its price. Welcome to contact the sales team of Haomei Machinery to get details.

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