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The Structure Of 8m3 Concrete Truck

Apr 15, 2020

The rapid development of commercial concrete in the past two years has greatly stimulated the demand for concrete mixer trucks. However, in the case of continuously decreasing sales prices and rising raw materials, many manufacturers do their best in terms of technical performance and configuration optimization. Facing so many brands, as a customer, how to choose a proper one?

Take 8m3 concrete truck for example. Let’s first have a basic knowledge of its structure. The concrete mixer trucks for sale is mainly made up of a chassis, a hydraulic transmission system, a mixing drum, a feeding and discharging device and other structural parts. Among them, the chassis and the hydraulic driving system are the main outsourcing components, and the mixing drum and the feeding and discharging device are the main self-making components (shown in the following picture).

structure of 8m3 Concrete Truck .jpg

Of them, the side guards and rear guards are both required by the national mandatory standards for automobiles. The main purpose of the side protection device is to prevent pedestrians from being caught under the wheel and causing casualties, while the main function of the rear protection device is to prevent the rear-ended car from rushing into the rear of the concrete mixer truck.

1. Chassis 2. Drive shaft 3.Side protection 4. Hydraulic drive system 5.Water supply system 6. Front frame assembly 7. Mixing drum 8. Tire cover 9. Lengthened discharge chute 10. Electrical system 11. Control system 12. Supporting wheels 13. Back assembly 14. Rear protection 15. Ladder 16. Feeding device 17. Discharging device

Among those parts, the manufacturing material has great effect on the service life of the mixer truck; the chassis influences the stability of the vehicle; a hydraulic system has close relationship with the truck’s performance. Under the premise of ensuring quality parts, a relatively lower price of the mini concrete truck can bring you the maximum profit.

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