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The Features of Mobile RMC Plant

Nov 05, 2020

The mobile RMC plant’s operation process, operation mode, maintenance is consistent with the stationary concrete plant. However, the stationary concrete plant is of inconvenient transfer, complex installation and long debugging cycle. What are the features of mobile concrete batching plant?

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1. Flexible and convenient

The mobile RMC plant adopts a a semi-trailer design as a whole. The main components including belt conveyor, control room, circuit, concrete mixer are integrated on a semi-trailer chassis, which is convenient to move and install.

By adopting no foundation design and steel structure design of powder tank and batching plant, only the preliminary work such as ground hardening is needed for the installation. Besides, it is equipped with wheel tail lights, reflective strips, etc. After being towed by a trailer, it is allowed to travel on the highway.

2. Efficient mixing

The small mobile batching plant also choose twin shaft concrete mixer, double powder scales and admixture scales and other high-quality components to meet the requirements of various high-performance concretes.

The user-friendly operating software and program settings are suitable for a variety of production processes; the concrete is produced nearby and does not need to be transported remotely, avoiding hydration reactions during the transportation process.

3. Reasonable function

The functional components of the mobile concrete batching plant, such as belt conveyors and dust collectors, are integrated in the main body, occupying a small space. The control room is directly suspended on the main body, installed vertically when in use, and can be rotated and retracted when it needs transporting.

The small mobile batching plant has pre-installed most of the electric control lines before leaving the factory to reduce the workload of the installation site. Welcome to leave message below to get a quotation.

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