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The ECO-friendly Design of Small RMC Plant

Nov 05, 2020

To realize environmental protection, the small RMC plant adopts fully enclosed structure, which each part such as metering, mixing and transport is inside the equipment. In addition to protection the components, it can also prevent the dust and noise pollution.

Besides the sealed box structure, the mixing system also has different sealing methods. For example, the transition connection between the powder scale and the host uses a high-density non-woven seal, and a special splash prevention device is used between the admixture scale and the pipeline.

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The mobile concrete batching plant adopts the pulse dust collector. The working principle of the pulse dust collector is to use a filter bag to absorb dust and filter air during dust removal, and to clean the dust adsorbed on the filter bag by pulse back blowing during dust removal.

Apart from dust removal, it also has the effect of balancing the internal air pressure of the system, effectively alleviating the air pressure fluctuations in the system caused by actions such as feeding and unloading, and making the measurement more accurate.

The position of the pulse dust collector in the main building needs to be reasonably arranged. In traditional concrete mixing equipment, some dust in the main engine needs to pass through a long draft tube to reach the dust collector. The dust removal effect is poor and the pipeline is easy to block.

In the new mobile mixing plant, by reasonably selecting the installation position of the dust collector, the design of the induced air duct and the screw conveyor is discarded, and the pulse dust collector is directly connected with the mixing host at a close distance, which avoids the problem of dust removal pipe clogging and makes dust removal more efficient.

As a mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, the small mobile plant has a compact structure, high dust removal efficiency and is convenient for relocation. Welcome to leave a message below to inquire small RMC plant price.

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