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The Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Operations

Aug 17, 2020

To ensure the stable hot mix plant working process, the workers must follow the hot mix asphalt plant operations:

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1. The motor part shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general operating regulations.

2. Clean up the site and check whether each part of the protective device is safe and reliable, and whether the fire prevention equipment is complete and effective.

3. Check whether the components are in good condition, whether the transmission components are loose, and whether the connecting bolts of each part are tight and reliable.

4. Check whether the lubricating oil and grease are sufficient, whether the oil level in the reduction box is appropriate, and whether the special oil volume of the pneumatic system is normal.

5. Check whether the quantity, quality or specification and other technical parameters of the aggregates, mineral powder, asphalt, fuel and water meet the production requirements.

6. All parts of the hot asphalt plant should be started gradually. After starting, the working conditions of all parts and the indications should be normal, and the oil, gas, and water pressures should meet the requirements before starting work.

7. During the work, personnel are prohibited from entering the storage area and under the lifting bucket.

8. Before stopping the mixer, unload it first, and then close the switches and pipelines in order.

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