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The Importance of Soil Mixing Plant in Road Construction

Jul 18, 2022

The soil mixing plant has been recognized by many construction units in bridge construction, road construction and grassroots construction of urban squares and airports, and has played an important role in bridges, roads and squares.

Stabilized soil mixing plants have a positive effect on bridge construction. The quality of stabilized soil determines the firmness of bridges. In some stabilized soil mixing stations, their mechanical properties also affect the quality of stabilized soil and the degree of mixing uniformity.

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The selection of stabilized soil should be strictly controlled according to the actual needs of various soil-ash ratios, and the mechanical properties should be adjusted according to the requirements, thus ensuring the road repair quality.

The efficiency of stabilized soil cement mixing plant s directly related to the progress and benefits of the entire project construction. Stabilized soil mixing equipment is a mixing equipment for continuous production of roadbed stabilization layer materials. When using stabilized soil mixing equipment, how to ensure the quality of mixing materials while improving efficiency and output?

1. Select an appropriate position for the stabilized soil mixing plant.

2. Overcome the impact of bad raw materials on the production efficiency of the stabilized soil plant mixing station.

3. Pay attention to check the quality and quantity of mixing drum blades. When the blades are seriously worn, the mixing capacity of the mixing drum will be seriously reduced, affecting the production efficiency of the mixing equipment.

4. Check the integrity of the silo screen in time. Damaged ones should be repaired in time, especially the sieve on the stone bin. If the sieve is damaged and the sieve hole is too large, the large-diameter stones will hit and drop the blades of the mixing drum when they enter the mixing drum.

5. Solve the coordination and cooperation between supporting machinery and the stabilized soil cement mixing plant.

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