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Wet Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Jul 15, 2022

Dry mix concrete batching plant is mainly used for projects with low requirements on concrete quality and long distances. Each system sends the weighed sand and gravel aggregates, cement, fly ash, etc. into the storage hopper, and then loads the materials into the concrete mixer truck through the storage hopper, and then fills it with water and other additives.

The main difference between the dry concrete batching plant and the wet concrete batching plant is that the function of mixing concrete is transferred from the central mixer on the batching plant to the concrete truck. In this way, the initial investment cost of the batching plant will be reduced.

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Another better way to reduce concrete batching plant investment is to buy a mobile concrete batching plant. It has good mixing performance. The equipment adopts the twin shaft concrete mixer which not only has strong mixing performance, but also can achieve good mixing for dry-hardness, plasticity and various proportions of concrete.

The mobile concrete plant has good environmental protection function. During the operation of the machine, the powder handling is carried out in the full closed environment. The powder silo adopts high-efficiency dust collector/mist spraying and other methods to greatly reduce the pollution of dust to the environment. At the same time, the mobile concrete mixing plant adopts muffler devices for the pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment to reduce noise pollution.

The portable concrete plant is a complete set of mixing plant equipment. There are walking wheels under this complete set of mixing plant equipment, which can be used for traction and transition. Therefore, it is suitable for short construction period and frequent transfer.

The portable concrete plant for sale is usually of small capacity, 25-60m3h, which also determines that it is not suitable for some large construction sites, but is more suitable for roads, bridges, airports,etc., these projects. It is also easier to operator compared with the big stationary concrete plant.

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