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The Main Parameters of 1 Yard Concrete Mixer

Jul 01, 2020

During the purchase of 1 yard concrete mixer, we mainly pay attention to is parameter. Then what are the main parameters of the concrete mixer used?


1. Rated capacity

  • Feeding capacity refers to the volume of dry material that is loaded into the mixing drum without mixing.

  • The discharge capacity is the main performance index of the mixer, which determines the productivity of the mixer and is an important basis for selecting the mixer. 1 yard concrete mixer refers to that the output is 1 yard(about 0.76 m3).

2. Working circle

  • Feeding time. The time from the start of the hopper lifting to the complete discharge of the mixed dry material into the mixing drum.

  • Discharging time. The time taken for the concrete mixture not less than 90% (for rotary mixer) or 93% (for twin shaft mixer) of the nominal capacity to be discharged from the mixing drum.

  • Mixing time. The time is from the entrance of mixed dry material to the the finish of homogeneous concrete. It is about 35s-45s. For the 1 yard mixer, the mixing time is about 40s.

3. Mixing speed

The mixing speed is the rotating speed of the mixing drum, of which the unit is r/min. The rotation speed of twin shaft concrete mixer is generally 20~36r/min.

4. Productivity

The productivity of the 1 yard concrete mixer for sale is determined by the time required to prepare 1 batch of concrete and the discharge volume of one batch. The calculation formula is as follows:


Where Q- productivity, m3/h;

V1- feeding capacity, m3;

t1- Each feeding time, s;

t2- Each mixing time, s;

t3- Each discharge time, s;

ψ1—Discharge coefficient.

It is generally 0.65~0.7 for concrete and 0.85~0.95 for mortar.

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