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The Management of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

May 25, 2021

The mobile concrete mixing plant is of convenient transportation and simple assemble, which is suitable for various types of projects and construction sites. It is made up of concrete mixer, batching machine, belt conveyor, chassis, electric circuit and gas circuit,etc. How to choose a right model for your projects? There are three principles:

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1. Calculate the total amount of concrete required according to your own engineering quantity, and then calculate the daily concrete demand according to the construction period, so that you can choose the appropriate mobile concrete batching plant based on this data.

2. According to the need for the concrete grade , choose a proper concrete mixer. There are generally two types: drum mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. The popular choice is twin shaft concrete mixer.

3. Choose the number of bins of the batching machine according to the configuration of the concrete raw materials.

With a right model, how to make your mobile concrete plant profitable? It needs the scientific control of the concrete production process. In the concrete production process, the most effective way to control costs is to improve the mix ratio technology.

Under the conditions of concrete strength that meets the needs of the construction party, improving the mix ratio of various raw materials can ultimately achieve the goal of saving costs. To meet the pumpability of concrete, slump is the most important performance index.

In the past, many mobile concrete batching plant for sale relied excessively on increasing the amount of admixtures to reconcile the slump of concrete. In fact, while the admixtures remain unchanged, a reasonable increase in the amount of other raw materials can achieve the same goal. The reason why we choose to do like this is because the dosage cost of the admixture is higher than that of adding other raw materials.

Therefore, the laboratory of the concrete mixing plant must carefully classify the performance of different raw materials. The research on material properties and material parameters can help to save a lot of money.

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