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The planetary mixer for UHPC and Refractory

Nov 15, 2021

Regardless of production performance or appearance, planetary mixer is a special model that is more in line with the needs of the refractory plants. It can produce high grade concretes, especially UHPC.

The planetary concrete mixer has better performance in consistency and uniformity. Convection mixing can make the concrete mix more vigorously, mixing time short, and the mixing effect even. It performs planetary operation with the support shaft of the vertical shaft mixer as the center and multiple planetary tracks work together to eliminate the dead angle of mixing, thus getting UHPC.

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UHPC(Ultra-High Performance Concrete) is also known as RPC(Reactive Powder Concrete). It is is the most innovative cement-based engineering material in the past thirty years. UHPC is a special concrete with super high strength, super low water absorption, super durability and corrosion resistance. The UHPC currently used in the architectural design field (different from the structural field) has a compressive strength greater than 120 and a flexural strength greater than 25MPa.

Although UHPC can achieve high compressive strength, the flexural strength of UHPC is mainly used for thin building components. In practical applications, the ultra-high strength of the UHPC matrix is further strengthened and toughened by a small amount of alkali-resistant glass fiber, polyvinyl alcohol fiber, and steel fiber.

Fiber types frequently used in UHPC include high carbon steel, PVA, glass, carbon, etc. This material is very malleable and has the ability to deform and support bending and stretching even after initial cracking. The high compression and tensile properties of UHPC also help to improve the bond strength, thereby shortening the embedded length of steel bars in applications such as pouring between precast parts.

Haomei counter-current mixers are widely used for producing such high performance concrete. Welcome to leave message below to tell us your specific requirements.

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