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What Are Advantages of Small Concrete Batch Plant?

Nov 09, 2021

The small concrete batch plant refers to the HZS25 or HZS35 concrete batch plant. Most of the small concrete mixing plants are used in small engineering construction sites, with low investment and good mixing effect, so it is also a concrete mixing equipment with a large number of users.

The HZS25 concrete mixing plant has a productivity of 25 cubic meters per hour. The theoretical productivity of the JS500 twin shaft concrete mixer is greater than or equal to 25 cubic meters per hour, so most of the HZS25 concrete batching plant choose JS500 concrete mixer.

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The HZS35 concrete plant generally uses JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer. The hourly output of JS 750 is greater than or equal to 35 m3. With low cost and high efficiency, it can fully meet the concrete needs of small construction projects.

In fact, a simple concrete mixing plant only needs to meet two standards to ensure the concrete quality:

Mixing function

It is is to fully mix water, cement, sand, gravel and aggregates. The uniformity of the mixing is directly related to the quality of the final concrete. There must be no defects, and the twin shaft concrete mixer is a necessary equipment.

Batching machine

It must weigh sand, gravel, aggregates, cement, water, additives, etc. according to the formula. The inaccurate weighing may waste raw materials and influence the concrete quality. Debugging must be done before operation to ensure its accuracy.

Generally, the height of the leg of the mixing plant is 4.2 meter. The main consideration is to use a concrete mixer truck to transport concrete. If we use small vehicles for transportation, the height of the leg and the length of the hopper slide can be reduced. It will save a lot of costs like equipment cost and foundation cost.

For a simple mixing station, powders such as cement and fly ash can be directly transported to the lifting hopper of the mixer or the conveyor belt of the batching machine. In this way, the legs of the cement tank can be lowered and the distance can be very short. It saves the floor space and has low requirements for the foundation.

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