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The Self Loading Mixer for the Foundation Ditch

Jul 14, 2020

The self loading mixer features self loading, concrete mixing, 270 degree discharging and four wheel drive. Flexible operation makes it an ideal choice for small projects and narrow construction sites such as the pouring of the foundation ditch of street lights.

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In the before, when mixing the concrete with a concrete mixer, the worker needed to transport the concrete to the foundation ditch one by one and pour it into the ditches, which is very troublesome.

In general, the separation distance of street lights is related to the height of the pole and the wattage of the lamp head. The distance between the poles of about 6 meters is 15-18 meters, and the distance between the poles of about 8 meters is 20-24 meters, and the distance between the poles of about 12 meter is about 32-36 meters. In most cases, the height of the street light poles is about 8 meters.

That is to say, a street lamp will be installed at a distance of about 20 meters. It will be troublesome to fill the foundation ditch one by one under the traditional concrete mixing methods.

But it is just a piece of cake for the self loading transit mixer. With 270 degree discharging, it can fill the ditch on the left and another on the right. With four wheel drive, it can also move forward quickly, which is more efficient than before.

In addition, the bottom tray of the self mixing concrete truck can raise the tank body, making the unloading more convenient and thorough. It is because of its high efficiency, high cost performance and less labor cost that the self loading mixer is so popular. Welcome to inquire the self loading mixer price from us directly.

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