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How to Choose The Length of Long Boom Concrete Pump

Jul 14, 2020

Is the longer the boom of concrete pump truck the better? The long boom concrete pump is a concrete mechanical equipment that is easy to move and pour. But for different working conditions, the requirements for small concrete pump trucks are different. Therefore, in the construction process, the selection of concrete pump trucks is very important. It is not the case that the longer the concrete pump truck, the better it is.

Although the longer boom will bring the longer conveying distance and the higher height, it is not a good thing for narrow construction sites. The overly long boom will not only cause the waste of cost, but also make the concrete pump truck unable to be deployed in such a construction site.

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For the fuel-burning vehicle, the fuel consumption index indicates whether the vehicle’s fuel consumption is high. Whether the fuel consumption index is high or low depends on the engine. The longer the boom and the heavier the body, the greater the output power of the engine and the higher the fuel consumption. Therefore, when choosing a concrete pump long boom, you should choose one according to your actual construction needs.

In the actual production process, it must take into account the construction situation, practicability, economy, safety, maintainability and other aspects such as the local building and the rental market. For example, the customer has a 52 meter concrete pump, but the project is in a a small rural area. First of all, there is no way to guarantee the flexibility of the operation, let alone the speed of construction progress.

The long boom concrete pump truck is more suitable for large construction projects. For the construction of the countryside, the small concrete pump truck is enough to meet the construction requirements.

The length of the boom directly determines the pumping height. The pouring of rural floors is generally 3-5 floors, the overall height is about 11-18 meters, and the width is 6-12 meters. In this way, the length of the boom should be around 34 meters. The common 37 meter concrete pump is a proper choice.

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