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The Self Mixing Concrete Truck for Mine and Tunnel

Oct 18, 2021

The biggest problem in the construction of mines and tunnels is how to transport the concrete. If the distance is relatively close, the concrete can be pumped in by the trailer pump. But if the distance is relatively far, the construction efficiency of the trailer pump will be very low.

In view of the narrow space of the mine tunnel and poor road conditions, the self mixing concrete truck is very suitable. In order to adapt to the narrow space of the mine, the height and width of this car are limited to 2.5 meters and 2.2 meters, respectively.

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This self loading concrete mixer has a special chassis, and uses a hydraulic motor four-wheel drive, which can provide greater torque to the chassis. At the same time, it also reduces the temperature rise that may be caused by friction during the transmission of the drive shaft, eliminating some fire sources that may cause mine gas explosions.

The four wheels of the truck can support steering. Therefore, the minimum turning radius of this self batching concrete truck is only 6.3 meters, which is indeed more convenient. At the same time, the four tires of the self loading mixer are all explosion-proof off-road tires, even if the tire is punctured by a sharp object, the tire pressure can be guaranteed without exploding.

In addition to the cute body and four wheel drive, the self loading concrete mixer has self loading, weighing, mixing, discharging and transport in one. In terms of other configurations, this truck is also equipped with special warning lights, and the cab is equipped with an infrared reversing image, which allows the driver to see more clearly in a dim tunnel.

Haomei self loading concrete mixer machines have different models. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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