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The Concrete Mixer and Pump for Small Projects

Oct 11, 2021

Why need concrete mixer and pump

In rural areas, the bearing ability of the rural power grid is limited, which requires the power of the equipment to be small. Since there is a lack of professional pumpers, the pump operation should be very simple.

In addition, with limited workers, the requirements for automation is also very high. Without big maintenance center, the pump equipment must have reliable and stable operation. The concrete mixer and pump has mixing and pumping functions in one, fully meeting the above requirements.

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Features of concrete mixing pump

1. High efficiency

By integrating the concrete mixing function and the pumping function. It can pump 25-30 cubic meters per hour, which is much higher than the speed of manual mixing of concrete, and is more convenient to transport concrete.

2. Price advantage

Compared with long boom pump, it is much cheaper. Because of its small size, good pumping performance, and high price/performance ratio, this price advantage is very attractive to customers who want to purchase concrete pumps. In addition, the maintenance cost of concrete mixer pump is relatively low.

3. Quick transfer

The concrete mixer and pump is of simple structure and cute body, which is applicable for the narrow construction sites and quick transfer.

4. Good concrete quality

Its mixing part also chooses twin shaft, which can realize even and quick mixing performance.

First maintenance tips

After pumping 50 hours or 1500-2500 m3 concrete, the first maintenance is required to ensure the normal operation of the diesel concrete mixing pump. There are many parts of the concrete mixing pump for the first repair, mainly including:

1. Check the hydraulic oil level and oil quality to see if there is emulsification or turbidity.

2. Fill the mixing pump with with grease, and fill the water tank with clean water.

3. Check if the concrete piston is well sealed and there is no mortar penetrates into the water tank.

4. Check the working condition of the lubrication system of the concrete mixer machine and pump. Check whether there is lubricating oil overflow at lubrication points such as the bearing position of the S-tube swing arm and the position of the mixing bearing.

5. Check whether the electrical components of the mixing pump are functioning normally. Welcome to leave message to inquire diesel concrete mixer pump price.

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