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The Structure of Planetary Concrete Mixer

Apr 08, 2020

In recent years, planetary concrete mixer has increasingly replaced twin shaft mixer in the production of building materials and individual engineering construction industries. It can be used to mix various components both in the concrete industry and the the production of refractory materials, solid waste and other materials.

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The structure of industrial planetary mixer is very simple. The round cylinder body is equipped with a stirring device driven by the integrated bidirectional reducer. In order to mix various materials, it only needs to adjust the rotation and revolution speed of the mixing device of he planetary mixer, which will not affect the mixing uniformity.

The motor is driven by a single motor to ensure the output speed and reduce the internal consumption of the equipment, thus achieving a complete seal.

After entering the mixing tank, the materials is pushed by the mixing arms to move forward. Under the function of centrifugal force, the materials is also doing circulation and convection movement. There will also be relative movement between the materials, upward movement under the action of shear force and downward under the action of gravity.

Therefore, the mixing material in the planetary mixer has both horizontal movement and vertical movement, which is more conducive to breaking the agglomeration of cement particles, so that cement molecules can be more fully combined with water molecules, truly achieving even mixing.

That’s why planetary mixer for sale is irreplaceable. There is no shaft end sealing problem. It is of more stable transmission and can meet various production processes with high mixing standards such as ceramic slurry mixing process and refractory mixing process.

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