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The Theoretical Productivity of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Dec 01, 2020

The theoretical productivity is an important parameter of the portable concrete batch plant. It is an main method for customers to distinguish different models. For example, the theoretical productivity of YHZS35 is 35 m3/h. The theoretical productivity has almost become the ID of different types of small concrete plants.

However, many customers have a lot of questions about theoretical productivity. How is the theoretical productivity calculated? In fact, the theoretical productivity is a kind of production efficiency of the concrete mixer calculated according to the he theoretical "calculation conditions".

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It is calculated within one hour based on the output of the concrete mixer without considering the actual concrete mix ratio and the amount of water and admixtures.Therefore, theoretical productivity has a very good reference value. Theoretical productivity calculation method: the theoretical output volume of the concrete mixer (m³) x 3600 (s)/theoretical production cycle (S).

Is the theoretical productivity the actual productivity? From the above information, we can easily find that the calculation of theoretical productivity does not consider the actual situation, such as the actual raw material mix ratio, water consumption, and admixture addition amount,etc. It also does not take into account the actual mixing cycle, concrete plant management and concrete truck scheduling.

Therefore, we can not simply regard the theoretical productivity as the actual productivity. Take the YHZS25 mini mobile batching plant. Its theoretical productivity is 25 m3/h. In fact, it is difficult to ensure that the output volume reaches it.

The mixing loss can only be obtained in actual production. The second is the management of the small concrete plant and the scheduling of the concrete truck. This will definitely make the production cycle longer than 60s. According to industry average research, the actual production cycle is about 72s.

What is the meaning for the customers by having a knowledge of the theoretical productivity? In many cases, we find that most of the customer's inquiries are about the output. If the customer actually needs a mixing plant of 20 m3 per hour, then we may recommend YHZS25 mini mobile batching plant for the customer. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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