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The Wide Application of Concrete Mixing Pump in Rural Construction

Feb 27, 2020

The concrete mixing pump integrates mixing and conveying into a whole, which has a wide range of applications, especially narrow construction sites such as mines, highways, and railway tunnels.

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The concrete mixer and pumping machine is also widely used in rural civil construction, water conservancy and hydropower projects, and slope management. With the improvement of the economic level, rural residents have higher requirements for their residences. Old houses and traditional housing structures can no longer meet the needs of current residents, and their quality requirements for houses have become stricter.

The concrete, an important part of house construction, has attracted much attention. Haomei concrete mixer and pumping machine adopts twin shaft mixing system, bringing even mixing effect and higher mixing speed. The quality can reach the standard of commercial concrete.

Compared to manual concrete construction, the concrete mixer pump realize the mechanization of feeding, mixing and pumping, greatly reducing labor intensity. 3-4 people is enough to do the concrete construction, saving labor cost. The overall efficiency can also reach 4-6 times that of stationary concrete mixer and concrete pumps, reducing construction cost.

Therefore, the concrete mixing pump has been a hit product in the construction field. If you also plan to buy one, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and after-sale service of concrete mixer pump for sale.

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