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Three Main Parts of Mobile Ready Mix Plant

Dec 25, 2019

Why buy a mobile ready mix concrete plant available for purchase? These plants can operate as quickly as stationary machines along with all the power. And They might be transported to different job sites and operate under many conditions including freezing weather and hot weather.

If you have a plan to buy a mobile rmc plant, a basic knowledge of the mobile concrete batching plant is necessary. The mobile concrete plant is developed on the basis of the stationary concrete batching plant.

mobile ready mix concrete plant.jpgOn the premise of satisfying the output and quality of cement concrete mixing, it has the characteristics of flexible movement, rapid disassembly and installation, small footprint, simple storage management, high degree of automation, and close access to construction sites.

The design of the portable concrete plant has three main parts: the discharge layer, the mixing layer and aggregate weighing layer. The discharge layer mainly uses cylindrical legs, with a simple design and reasonable layout.

The mixing layer mainly adopts an elevated structure, which is of heavy height and better rigidity. The mixing layer and the discharge layer form a rigid body, which effectively reduces the vibration from the concrete mixer. Rectangular legs are used for the support, which is not only simple in structure, but also spacious.

YHZS60 mobile concrete mixing plant.jpgThe mobile batching plant is equipped with a powder weighing bucket, a water weighing bucket, a liquid additive weighing bucket and an aggregate storage bucket. Automatically controlled pneumatic butterfly valve is used at the outlet of the powder weighing hopper, and the soft connection is adopted at the inlet and outlet, which is fully closed.

The additive weighing hopper is set above the water measuring hopper, and the stainless steel ball valve is used for discharging at the outlet.

All three parts are designed on a movable towing unit, which can be moved by pulling the trailer. There is also a simple control room on the towing unit. Only one worker is enough to operate the entire equipment.

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