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What Are Features of Portable Cement Silo

Jul 07, 2021

The cement silo can be used to store a variety of materials like grain, cement, fly ash, etc. It is also widely used in concrete batching plant and stabilized soil mixing plant. In recent years, there is a popular type of cement silo, that is portable cement silo.

The portable cement silo is a kind of horizontal cement silo. It has a square shape and is supported by multiple brackets at the bottom. It looks like a container from the outside. The discharge cone is a square cone, which is a closed cement tank. A material level system is installed on the tank body. The position and amount of the material in the tank can be clearly seen.


As a new type of cement silo, it abandons the shortcomings of the vertical cement silo, featuring quick installation and easy transfer. The portable cement silo has the advantages of no foundation, low height, concealment, and convenient maintenance. At the same time, it also has the disadvantages of high cost and large area.

The vertical cement silo has a small footprint and low cost. The biggest disadvantage is the height problem. Due to the high height of the vertical cement silo, basic work must be done well, and prevention measures such as wind, rain, lightning, and electricity protection must be taken. It is particularly inconvenient for the repair and maintenance.

The height of the horizontal cement silo is lower than the traditional one, and therefore it does not need to be externally sealed, which saves a certain amount of cost. And because of its low height, it is much more convenient for inspection and maintenance, and it can be transported and used in the workshop.

The cost of the horizontal cement silo is higher than that of the vertical cement silo, and the numbers of screw conveyor is also one more than that of vertical cement silo. The horizontal cement silos may be relatively expensive.

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