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Portable Horizontal Cement Silo

Capacity :
30T and 50T
Container silo
Steel thickness:
Upper part: 3mm; bottom:4mm
Conveying way:
Screw conveyor

What Is Horizontal Cement Silo

The horizontal cement silo, also called portable cement silo, is a new type of bulk cement storage equipment. The bottom is supported by multiple brackets. The horizontal cement silo is equipped with a cement discharge port and a screw conveyor at the bottom, which can be easily discharged and conveyed.

Compared with the traditional vertical cement silo, the horizontal cement silo has low requirements on the foundation, which can be directly placed on the ground, and can be easily transported by truck or flatbed without disassembly.

Due to its unique advantages, horizontal cement silos are widely used in various mobile concrete mixing plants, foundation-free concrete mixing plants and other temporary concrete mixing plants.

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Structure of Portable Cement Silo

The portable cement silo is of simple structure, reliable operation and unique modular installation, which can dynamically combine multiple storage units together to meet the storage requirements for cement and fly ash.

The each raw material storage tank of portable cement silo is is composed of brackets, lower cone, silo body, feeding pipe, climbing ladder, and safety valve; among them, dust collector (ordinary dust collector, electronic vibration dust collector, pulse dust collector) and level indicator can be freely selected by the customer. The horizontal cement silo does not need installation.

Specification of Mobile Cement Silo





Container silo with funnel-shaped bottom





4000 kg

6000 kg

Steel thickness

Upper part: 3mm; bottom:4mm

Conveying way

Screw conveyor

Spiral specifications



Other spare parts

Safety valve, dust collector,observation hole, feeding pipe, bottom vibrator, air injection system, electrical control box,etc.

The Advantages of Horizontal Cement Silo

1. It is convenient and quick to install, and is also easy to transfer among different construction sites.

2. Its stability is better than that of a vertical cement silo, which only requires that the foundation is flat and solid.

3. During transportation, the transportation height and width of the cement silo do not exceed the limit, and a 6-meter vehicle can finish the transportation.

4. The overall height after installation is low, and the overall length is suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, and bentonite in the warehouse.

5. Because the horizontal cement silo is a container type, the height is lower than the traditional one, and therefore no external packaging is required, which saves a certain amount of cost. And because of its low height, it is much more convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Working Principle of Mobile Cement Silo

Cement is blown into the storage bin by wind through the feed pipe. As the pressure in the bin increases, the gas in the bin is filtered by the dust removal device and discharged from the air outlet, while the cement mixed in the gas is left in the cement bin. The operation is simple and pollution-free.

Horizontal VS Vertical Cement Silo

  • The horizontal cement silo has the advantages of free foundation, low height, concealment, and convenient maintenance. At the same time, it also has the disadvantages of high cost and large area.

  • The vertical cement silo has a small footprint and low cost. The biggest disadvantage is the height problem. Due to its high height, solid foundation must be doe well. The measures such as wind, rain, lightning, and electricity protection must be taken.

What Is Horizontal Cement Silo Price

The cost of a horizontal cement silo is higher than that of a vertical cement silo, and the final screw conveyor used is also longer than the vertical one. The longer screw conveyor will decrease the efficiency.

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