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An Overview of Mobile Cement Silo for Sale

Jul 07, 2021

What is mobile cement silo

The mobile cement silo for sale is similar to the container. The entire silo body is placed on the main frame, and the bottom of it uses a bolt conveyor to transport powder. It is only different from the structure of the vertical cement silo. It is mainly used to store bulk cement, fly ash and mineral powder and other materials.

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What are advantages of horizontal cement silo

1. The horizontal cement silo is is easy to install and disassemble, which has no need for foundation. The installation cycle is short, which is convenient for frequent transfer.

2. The outriggers should be removed when transporting the horizontal cement silo, and the transportation height and width should not exceed the limit. Vehicles of 6 meters or more can be used for transportation.

3. After installation, the overall height is low and the overall length is long. The mobile cement silo is s suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, and bentonite.

4. A weighing sensor is installed at the bottom of the horizontal cement silo to accurately reflect the weight of the cement in the silo in real time. With the use of an intelligent pulping system, the cement can be automatically output after accurate weighing.

How does horizontal cement silo work

The bulk cement conveying vehicle pumps the cement to the horizontal cement silo. The cement silo has two material conveying methods according to the design requirement: one is screw conveyors, and the other is to use pneumatic transportation.

When the air outlet of the horizontal cement silo is not smooth, you should check whether the filter element is blocked in time. If it is blocked, it needs to be cleaned in time. If the filter element is used for a long time, it needs to be replaced in time to meet the dust removal requirements.

How to maintain mobile cement silo

1. Filtration system: check whether the internal cloth bag of the dust collector needs to be replaced.

2. Check the dust removal system: According to different dust collectors, there are mainly mechanical dust removal mechanism and pulse dust removal mechanism.

3. Power system: check whether the induced draft fan is operating normally, and the main fan is maintained daily.

4. Check the airtightness of the equipment.

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