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What Are Features of Ready Mix Concrete Equipment

May 23, 2022

In recent years, the ready mix concrete equipment is becoming more popular. What are its features? It is an automatic (or semi-automatic) equipment for producing concrete, consisting of concrete mixer, batching machine, cement silo, control system and other equipment.

In the past, concrete was mainly obtained by manual mixing. Now the concrete produced by the concrete mixing plant has better quality and higher output, which can meet the needs of various projects.


High measurement accuracy

With the improvement of the concrete quality requirements of the project, the measurement accuracy of the concrete batching plant is also getting higher and higher, and the ready-mixed concrete batching plant can meet this requirement. Whether it is the weighing of aggregate, powder or water agent, the weighing, control and signal conversion components of the ready-mixed concrete batching plant are all imported components.

High-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, single weighing or cumulative weighing of each scale, fully guarantee the accuracy of measurement and stable performance.

Good mixing quality

The ready-mixed concrete batching plant adopts a twin-shaft mixer. Its working power is mainly based on the extrusion, shearing and convection of the material, and the impact between the materials is supplemented. When the mixing shaft rotates, the blades drive the mixture to mix..

When the stirring shaft rotates, the blades drive the mixture to make circular motions in the mixing drum in turn, rolling up and down, and at the same time, at the position where the mixing blades meet or overlap, the mixture exchanges positions with each other. The mixture is pushed along the direction of the mixing shaft and continuously moves from one rotating plane to another rotating plane.

High degree of automation

Haomei concrete batching plant for sale is composed of an industrial computer and a batching control instrument, that is, the batching control instrument data is input into the industrial computer, and the execution signal is output through the board card or PLC programmable controller, so as to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the system.

Haomei Machinery provides various types of concrete batching plant to global customers like hopper lifting concrete batching plant, belt-type concrete batching plant, mobile concrete plant and stationary rmc plant. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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