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How to Build A Continuous Stablilized Soil Mixing Plant

May 23, 2022

The foundation of continuous stabilized soil mixing plant is very important. A good stabilized soil mixing plant foundation consists of small batch soil mixer foundation, cement silo foundation, sand and gravel silo foundation, sand and gravel retaining wall foundation, mixing station yard foundation and control room foundation. How to create a good foundation for a stable soil mixing plant?

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Firstly, select the required foundation plan and site arrangement according to the terrain; then, set out the line according to the technical requirements of the stabilized soil mixing station and find the reference point. The standard error between the two foundations should not be greater than 50mm. The stabilized soil mixing station can be arranged more actively according to the practical situation of the construction site.

When building the foundation, , it is necessary to ensure its flatness and the requirements of various standards, so that the equipment can be operated normally. The site should be selected in an open place in order to shorten the loading cycle of the loader. At the same time, it can also ensure that the material transport vehicle can turn around easily.

In order to facilitate the loading of the loader, a loading slope pier should be set on the loading side of the batching unit, and a suitable inspection channel should be kept between it and the batching unit to facilitate inspection, repair and maintenance of equipment and operations.

At the same time, a protective gate should be set up between the feeding slope pier and the batching unit to avoid the accumulation of the materials scattered by the loader when feeding, which will affect the normal operation of the aggregate belt conveyor.

According to the size of the site, the accumulation of raw materials and the equipment of the loader, the feeding side of the batching unit is selected. The level of the foundation of continuous stablilized soil mixing plant must be checked with a spirit level and an ultra-level instrument, otherwise it is easy to cause the foundation to be uneven and cause unnecessary loss.

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