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What Are Main Parts of 63m Portable Concrete Pump for Sale

Feb 17, 2023

The portable concrete pump for sale is also called truck mounted concrete boom pump. It is popular among users because it is easy to move and does not require manual piping during construction. So what are the structures of concrete pump trucks? Now let's briefly analyze the three major components of the concrete pump truck.

The concrete boom pump is mainly composed of three parts: the chassis part, the boom part and the pumping part. These three parts realize the movement of the concrete pump truck and the concrete pumping function.

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1. Chassis

The chassis is a very important part of the concrete pump truck. It realizes the mobile function of the concrete pump truck. At present, many domestic manufacturers mostly use two types of chassis, Isuzu and VOVOL. The technology is quite mature and reliable, and the maintenance network is also very complete.

2. Boom part

The boom part is the biggest difference between the concrete pump truck and other concrete pumps. Usually, the boom is composed of five parts: a hydraulic folding boom (or other forms), a turntable, a rotating mechanism, a fixed turret and outriggers.

When working, the four outriggers are supported on the ground to provide a stable support for the boom. The whole boom can rotate 365° on this support. In addition, each section of the boom can also rotate around its own axis. The combination of these different actions can deliver concrete to any position.

At present, many manufacturers use imported booms and outriggers. Most of the imported products are Sema, Antony from Italy, Swing and PM from German. The longest boom height of Haomei Machinery is our 63m concrete pump.

3. Pumping system

The pumping system of a concrete boom pump s mainly composed of a main cylinder, a washing room, a delivery cylinder, a hopper, an S-pipe valve (or other forms), a swing mechanism, a mixing mechanism and a delivery pipeline. Generally, pumping systems are divided into three categories: completely imported, domestically assembled with imported components, and completely domestically produced.

When working, how does the 63m concrete pump realize the delivery of concrete? In actual operation, the three major parts of the concrete truck pump chassis, boom system, and pumping system are generally controlled by hydraulic and electronic control systems, and the actions are precisely coordinated to deliver concrete to the specified position.

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