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What Are the Advantage of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Feb 20, 2020

For the compulsory concrete mixer, there are two main types: twin shaft concrete mixer and single shaft concrete mixer. Twin shaft concrete mixer is more popular. That’s because of its superior functions. What are its advantages?

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1. The twin shaft mixer is of short mixing period and high mixing uniformity. Generally speaking, the mixing uniformity CV≤5% within 45-60 seconds. This greatly improves production efficiency.

2. Large variable load range. The variable range of the load factor is 0.1-0.8. This make twin-shaft mixers suitable for the mixing of materials with different proportions and particle sizes in multiple industries.

3. No segregation during mixing. No segregation will occur due to large differences in specific gravity and particle size, so as to obtain high-precision mixture.

4. Fast discharge and small residual amount. The twin shaft mixer adopts double door structure, which ensure the fast discharge.

5. Wide application. It can mix the material uniformly even after adding 30% liquid. That is to say, it is applicable to mix viscous materials.

6. Unique drive system makes the whole machine keep stable operation and low wear.

As a twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei has eight models: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. If you like to buy one, welcome to contact us.

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