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Concrete Mixing Pump: An Ideal Machine in Rural Area

Feb 24, 2020

The concrete mixing pump is a combination of a small concrete mixer and pump,facing to town and rural markets. Its pouring efficiency has reached 3 times of the past, changing the previous inefficient transportation mode. At the same time, it can deal with complex terrain and construction sites.

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The diesel concrete mixer pump is applicable for various concrete projects such as houses, roads, water conservancy and slop protection in rural areas. In those places, there are no large or medium sized concrete batch plant. The concrete mixing pump offsets this shortage. It has solved a series of problems such as expensive labor cost, poor construction quality, difficult operation,etc.

The concrete mixer with pump has the following advantages:

1. Labor saving. Th use of pump for pouring and mechanized operation reduces the construction staff by half ,effectively saving labor. 4-5 people are enough to finish the whole process from feeding to pouring.

2. High profit return. It is highly adaptable to various construction sites, expanding the business scope. At the same time, the convenient movement makes self-use or renting both available.

3. Good construction quality. The concrete is spirally propelled during pumping, which is not easy to segregate. Besides, the high output volume improves the work efficiency and helps to finish pouring in a shorter time.

4. Good construction adaptability

With enough power, it can reach as far as you need. With cute body and convenient movement, it can go to any places and adapt to most construction projects.

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