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What Are Uses of Mobile Drum Mix Plant

Nov 08, 2023

Continuous asphalt mixing plant is currently widely used around the world, especially in North America, South America, France and other regions, accounting for a considerable market share. The drum mix asphalt mixing plant is a type of continuous asphalt mixing plant with a simple structure, low cost of use and easy maintenance.

It is divided into stationary continuous asphalt plant and mobile drum mix plant. The production capacity range of the complete equipment is 20-60 tons/hour. It is often used for the road construction, road maintenance, emergency repair, remote or temporary projects.

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Road construction

The mobile asphalt drum mix plant is used to produce asphalt directly on the construction site, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh, high-quality asphalt. This eliminates the need to transport asphalt from off-site plants, reducing logistics costs and increasing project efficiency.

It can be easily set up near road construction areas, allowing for rapid asphalt production and seamless integration into the construction process.

Road maintenance

The road maintenance like pothole repair, and resurfacing requires a continuous supply of asphalt. Mobile asphalt batching plant enables efficient and just-in-time asphalt production, eliminates dependence on external suppliers and allows fast and efficient road repairs and maintenance.

Emergent repair

In emergency situations such as road damage caused by natural disasters or accidents, portable drum mix plant plays a vital role in quick repairs. Emergency repairs require the immediate use of asphalt to restore affected sections of road. Mobile equipment allows for rapid deployment and production of asphalt on site, allowing for timely repairs and minimizing disruption to traffic flow.

The mobility and flexibility of the portable asphalt plant make it ideal for emergency response teams to address emergency road repair needs.

Remote or temporary projects

In remote places, it is usually not economic or difficult to build a asphalt batching plant. These projects often involve infrastructure development in remote areas, such as oil fields, mining areas or rural areas. The portable asphalt plant can be easily transported to these places.

Drum maintenance

The axial displacement of the drum will have a huge impact on the normal operation of the drying drum. In order to ensure that the drum body can work normally and smoothly, the drum should provide sufficient support and friction, so that the drum body can be in the dynamic balance state during the operation.

1. Adjust the roller position

Adjusting the position of the roller is one of the most effective ways to adjust the axial displacement of the drying drum. That is, by fine-tuning the position of the roller, the roller can be in the middle position of the working friction surface during operation, thereby increasing friction and maintaining force balance.

2. Adjust the roller axis

In addition to adjusting the position of the roller, adjusting the roller axis is also an effective measure to eliminate the axial displacement of the roller.

3. Timely inspection and maintenance

Inspection of the working condition of the machinery is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the machinery and extending the life of the machinery. The same is true for the drying drum. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the asphalt batching plant price from us.

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