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Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants

Nov 13, 2023

Containerized concrete plant

The main structural features of the containerized concrete plant are the main mixing building adopts a container-type modular design. It integrates water channels, gas channels, circuits and external sealing plates. Other components also adopt modular design, such as batching stations and belt conveyor.

It mainly has six modules: batching machine module, belt conveyor module, container main building module, electrical control module, powder tank module and steel structure basic module.

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The entire set of equipment looks like it is made up of several containers placed together. Compared with traditional stationary concrete batching plant, there is no need to set up legs and brackets, eliminating the need for foundation design and construction. As long as the ground hardness and flatness meet the requirements, basic production can be exempted. Container shells can protect various core components from severe rain, snow, and sandstorms outside and reduce the failure rate.

Foundation-free concrete mixing plant

In fact, the foundation-free concrete mixing plant does not mean it does not need foundation construction at all, but it does not require as deep a foundation as the stationary concrete mixing plant. It also requires hardening the ground, making a shallow foundation, and placing all equipment components on a heavy steel chassis.

It eliminates the process of designing and installing the foundation, greatly saving customers the time and foundation cost of building a construction site and can be relocated for secondary use.

Dry mix concrete plant

Dry batch concrete plant is a special-purpose concrete mixing station, mainly used for projects that do not require high concrete quality and are far away. Unlike common wet concrete mixing plants, dry concrete mixing plants are not equipped with a central mixer and are mixed by a concrete mixer truck during transportation.

When the dry concrete mixing plant is working, each system sends the weighed sand and gravel aggregate, cement, fly ash, etc. into the storage hopper, and then loads the materials into the concrete mixer truck. For water and other additives, the concrete mixer truck controls the rotation of the tank at a speed of at least 70 rpm to achieve the purpose of mixing.

Stationary concrete batching plant

It usually uses cement as the cementing material and mix raw materials such as lime, cinder, sand and gravel to make concrete. The construction field is its end market. In recent years, concrete mixing stations have been widely used in airport tunnels, large-scale water conservancy construction and other fields with large project volumes and long periods due to their advantages such as good mixing performance, good mixing effect, high production efficiency, and green environmental protection. The concrete batching plant capacity is 25-180m3/h. Welcome to leave message below to inquire stationary concrete batching plant specification.

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