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What Is Ready Mix Pump

Jun 21, 2022

The ready mix pump includes many types of concrete pumps like trailer pump, concrete boom pump truck and truck mounted concrete pump. The trailer pump is a construction equipment that relies on pressure to transport concrete through pipelines. It combines the production of ready mix concrete pump and with pumping construction.

It can realize continuous pumping and pouring of concrete. It is equipped with special pipelines, which can continuously complete horizontal and vertical transportation of concrete along the pipeline.

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Compared with the concrete mixing pump, the concrete line pump cannot mix concrete, but only has the function of conveying. Generally, it is used in urban construction projects to pump mixed commercial concrete and use it in conjunction with concrete mixer truck. It features high autoomation degree, greatly reducing the number of operators.

Concrete pump truck can move independently, and it is easy to use without manual piping, so it is very popular among construction contractors. The length of the boom of the concrete pump truck is vital for its whole performance. The multi-joint and long boom can effectively expand its distribution space.

The length of the boom directly affects the working range of the pump truck. If the boom is too long, it is a bit wasteful, and if the boom is too short, it cannot transport the concrete to the designated construction point. Therefore, within your own budget, try to choose a longer boom pump truck.

At the same time, since the boom of the pump truck cannot be in a vertical or horizontal state, we should try to choose a boom that is longer than the construction range for the boom length of the pump truck.

The truck mounted concrete pump is used very frequently in many small and medium-sized construction sites. Since it does not have a boom, it needs to place pipe lines. In addition, on the construction site, for those medium and high-rise buildings that are difficult to reach by the boom pump, the truck-mounted pump can also be used. Welcoeme to leave message below to inquire ready mix concrete pump price.

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