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What Is The Best Concrete Mixer

Apr 17, 2023

There are generally three types of concrete mixers: drum concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer and planetary concrete mixer. The compulsory concrete mixer is divided into two types: single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer.

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Drum concrete mixer

Its mixing drum is placed vertically. With the rotation of the drum, the concrete mixture is turned and mixed freely in the drum, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. It is mostly used for mixing plastic concrete and low fluidity concrete. The barrel and blades are less worn and easy to clean, but the power consumption is large and the efficiency is low. The mixing time is generally 90-120s/batch.

The drum concrete mixer can be divided into gear type and friction type according to its transmission mode. The gear type concrete mixer include JZC500, JZC350, JZC250, and the friction type concrete mixer includes JZM750.

Single-shaft concrete mixer

The concrete is raised to a certain height through the rotation of the blade, and then falls freely to complete a mixing process. In the production process, compared with the double-shaft mixer, the efficiency is lower. The commonly seen two models are JDC350 and JDC500.

Twin shaft concrete mixer

The working principle of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is to use the mixing blades to impact the materials in the barrel. The materials roll up and down in a circular motion in the barrel. The strong stirring movement makes the materials quickly achieve the mixing effect in a short time, and the mixing efficiency is high.

The main models are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000. In addition to being used as a stand-alone machine, it can also be combined with concrete batching machines such as PLD800\PLD1200\PLD1600\PLD2400 to form a simple concrete mixing plant, and can be used as the mixing host of a complete concrete batching plant.

Planetary concrete mixer

As a high-precision concrete machine, the counter-current mixers have not been limited to the concrete industry. When the planetary concrete mixer is running, When the planetary mixer is running, the mixing parts in the mixing tank revolve around the shaft and self rotate with a high speed, so the material can be subjected to high-strength kneading and shearing, and complete dispersion and mixing.

The mixing effect of the vertical shaft planetary mixer must be unachievable by other concrete mixing machines, so the vertical shaft planetary mixer can mix any high-performance concrete (ceramsite, foam lightweight concrete, steel fiber concrete, high-grade concrete, various high-quality concrete, etc.)

Compared with twin-shaft mixers, vertical shaft planetary mixers have the advantages of more complex and denser running tracks of the mixing arms, comprehensive mixing without dead ends, more sufficient mixing of materials, and no shaft end sealing problems.

Through the above introduction, what is the best concrete mixer in your heart? In terms of cost performance and comprehensive performance, twin shaft concrete mixer is the best. But only considering mixing effect, planetary concrete mixer is the one.

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