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What Will Affect Concrete Mixer with Pump Price

Jan 11, 2021

The concrete mixer with pump is one of the common equipment in construction sites such as water conservancy, housing construction, tunnels, slope protection, bridges, etc. It can realizing concrete mixing and pumping at the same time, bringing many more profits. What are the factors that affect the concrete mixer with pump price?

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Equipment configuration

It is usually necessary to observe the frame thickness, workmanship and other key parts of the concrete mixing pump such as the materials of hydraulic hoses and lubricating copper pipes. Once a hose has a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the entire hydraulic system, leading to the mechanical failure.

New and old conditions of equipment

If it is a new concrete mixer with pump, its price will be higher, because of the latest accessories. The used concrete mixing pump is much cheaper because of the shortened service life, the under-developed techniques and the potential maintenance problems.

Equipment quality

A concrete mixer with pump with stable performance has a relatively low failure rate, therefore it will be the choice of most customers and its price will be higher.

The fluctuating of the spare part price

The concrete mixing pump are assembled from various parts. If the price of spare parts rises, the price of the corresponding concrete mixing pumps will be higher.

Power supply

The concrete mixing pump can be divided into two kinds: electric and diesel concrete mixing pump. The electric concrete mixer with pump is generally lower than that of diesel concrete mixing pump with other same configuration.

After-sale service

A after-sale service team needs a lot of manpower and capital investment. A concrete mixing pump with considerate after-sale service of course has a higher price than that with poor after-sale service.

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