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What Will Affect Service Life of 37 Meter Concrete Pump

Oct 26, 2023

A concrete pump truck for sale is a type of construction equipment that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along a pipeline. It consists of a pump body and a special delivery pipe.

The pump body is installed on the car chassis, and then equipped with a telescopic or bendable booms to form a pump truck. It is an ideal device among existing concrete conveying equipment and can continuously complete horizontal conveying and vertical conveying along the pump pipe.

Different brands and types of concrete pump trucks have different boom lengths. There are 7 common pump truck lengths, namely 21m, 24m, 28m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 35m, and 37 meter concrete boom pump.

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Those with a boom length less than 30 meters are called short-boom pump trucks, conventional boom pump trucks are between 30-40 meters, long-boom pump trucks are between 40-50 meters, and those with a boom length exceeding 50 meters are generally called extra long boom pump truck.

The most common types on the market are conventional boom pump trucks and long boom pump trucks. In the past two years, they have been trending longer and longer. As demand continues to increase, concrete pump trucks with longer booms will enter the market.

Concrete pump truck pump pipes a type of concrete pump pipes and are mainly used in concrete pump trucks. The pump pipes behind the reducer pipe of the pump truck are all in DN125 specification. There is no distinction between high pressure and low pressure. The outer diameter of the pipe mouth is 148mm.

Before the reducer pipe, a few pump trucks also have a section of DN150 pump pipe, but not every pump truck has this specification. In addition to straight pipes, pump truck pump pipes also have pump truck elbows. Common specifications include 275*45°, 275*90°, 180*90°, 232*60°, 400*90°, etc.

The length of the pump pipe of a pump truck is special, and different brands generally have different specifications. The length of the pump pipe used by the pump truck needs to be determined according to the boom model. The 3-meter-long pump truck pump pipe is the most commonly used. Basically, each boom of the pump truck has a pump pipe of this length.

The boom and chassis are the two main structures that make up the concrete pump truck. Therefore, the main factors that determine the service life of the concrete pump truck are also related to these two structures: one is the service life of the boom, and the other is the service life of the chassis.

In order to have a long service life of the boom, on the one hand, the design of the boom should use high-strength steel and reduce its own load. More importantly, standardized operations are required. The conveying speed should be reasonably controlled to avoid unnecessary damage to the boom caused by high pressure, and the boom needs to be cleaned in time after use and maintained regularly.

Although the mileage of the concrete pump truck chassis may not be as much as that of logistics vehicles that often run on high speeds. However, when working, the main components of the chassis such as the engine and transmission are still working continuously. Therefore, the service life of the engine and gearbox determines the service life of the chassis. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete pump truck sizes.

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