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How to Do Concrete Plant Maintenance

Oct 31, 2023

As the concrete technology in the construction process becomes more and more important, the systematization of concrete mixing has become the key to the reform and development of its technical quality management, which also indicates that the establishment and development of concrete mixing plant is becoming more and more important. How should we do the concrete plant maintenance?

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Preparation before work

1. There are no foreign objects stuck in the mixing drum and the transmission and moving parts of each supporting mechanism, as well as the warehouse door, bucket door, track, etc.

2. Check the oil level and oil quality of the gear box. If the oil is insufficient, add it. If it is not clean, replace it.

3. The connection between the structural parts of the mixing station must be strong and reliable. The limit device and brake should be sensitive and reliable.

4. The rubber sleeve connecting the weighing hopper should not be subject to tension or pressure, otherwise the weighing accuracy will be affected.

5. The wire rope installation and drum winding of the lifting bucket or dragline are correct, the wire rope and pulleys comply with the regulations, and the brakes of the lifting bucket and dragline are sensitive and effective.

6. Each electrical device can effectively control mechanical movements, and there is no obvious damage to each contact point and dynamic and static contacts.

7. Check the mechanical operation. After confirming that the mixing system is normal, automatic cycle production can be started. It is strictly prohibited to stop or start under load.

Things to note during work

1. After starting the machine, carefully check the operation of the machine and check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is consistent with the direction of the marked arrow.

2. The concrete mixer must not be stopped when the mixer is fully loaded. When a fault or power outage occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the switch box should be locked, the concrete in the mixing drum should be cleared, and then the fault should be eliminated or the power supply should be restored.

3. Pay attention to each instrument and remove large stones and objects in time if found.

4. Repair, maintenance, lubrication, tightening and other operations cannot be performed while the mobile batching plant is in operation. It is prohibited to put hands or feet near gates, mixing drums, spiral pipes, etc.

5. Before stopping the concrete mixer, it should be unloaded first, and then all switches and pipelines should be closed in order. All the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and no material should be left in the pipe.

Precautions after work

1. After the operation, when the mobile cement plant operator receives a notice of cleaning or maintenance, he should cut off the power supply of the equipment, lock the key switch of the mixer, pull out the key, and lock the doors and windows of the operating room, and then notify the cleaning or maintenance personnel to clean or repair the equipment.

2. The cleaning personnel close the bulk cement tank gate and transport all the cement in the spiral pipe. Clean the mixing drum, discharge door and hopper, and flush them with water, as well as the additives and their supply system. Do not leave any cement inside the pipe.

3. During the freezing season, the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank should be drained, and the water pump and additive pump should be started to run for 1-2 minutes.

4. Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point, and apply oil to the parts that need to be protected to prevent rust.

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