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Concrete Batching Plant with Sicoma Concrete Mixer

Oct 18, 2023

In terms of equipment selection, high-speed rail concrete batching plant is different from other stationary batching plants. The equipment requirements of the concrete batching plant for high-speed rail are higher. Its main configuration includes:

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1. Concrete mixer: The Sicoma concrete mixer with better performance is a good choice.

2. Batching machine: It consists of storage silo, screen, batching hopper curved valve, metering hopper, safety devices - two-way pull rope switch, two-stage deviation switch, sensor protection lever.

3. Belt conveyor: Herringbone belt is used for loading materials to save space. In addition to the most basic electric roller, reducer, conveyor belt, tensioning device, and sand receiving trough, it is also equipped with an electric sand cleaning device, an anti-deviation device, and a two-way pull rope switch. When the machine fails, the entire equipment will be powered off by pulling down the wire rope, which is safe and reliable.

4. Aggregate intermediate warehouse: It consists of hopper, bucket cover, bucket cover dust curtain, square butterfly valve, vibration electrical appliance (to prevent residual aggregate), weighing sensor. The weighing sensor can detect the aggregate silo is full or empty.

5. Cement silo: It must be equipped with a minimum of 8 tanks as standard, and the powder tank is placed on the side. It mainly includes silo, manual butterfly valve, arch breaking device, safety valve, alarm device, material level meter, circuit control system, etc.

6. Screw conveyor

7. Dust removal equipment: It consists of three parts: powder dust collector, forced pulse backflush bag dust removal and dust spraying device.

8. It also includes a water reservoir, admixture tank, water weighing, admixture weighing, sand and gravel sedimentation treatment system, operation control system, etc. If necessary, a water cooling system can be added.

This is batching plant Sicoma. We also have other general configuration. You can choose one according to your budget and project requirements. Our sales will give you professional helps. Welcome to inquire what you need.

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