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What Will Cause the Low Efficiency of Small Asphalt Plant

Nov 17, 2020

The China asphalt mixing plant manufacturing level has been in line with international level which has been exported to Indonesia, Algeria, Uganda, Turkmenistan,etc. In the production, some customers may encounter unstable output.


The small asphalt plant production capacity is seriously insufficient, and the actual production capacity is far below its theoretical capacity, resulting in equipment waste and low efficiency. The main reasons for this type of failure are as follows:

1. Improper mix ratio of asphalt concrete. It includes target mix ratio and production mix ratio. the target mix ratio controls the conveying ratio of sand and gravel cold materials. The production mix ratio is the mixing ratio of various sand and gravel materials in the finished asphalt concrete material specified in the design.

The production mix ratio is determined by the laboratory, which directly determines the grading standard for the finished asphalt concrete. The target mix ratio is set to further ensure the production mix ratio. During production, it can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.

When the target mix ratio or production mix ratio is inappropriate, the stones stored in each metering of the mixing station are out of proportion, which makes the aggregate not weighed in time and then the output is reduced.

2. Unqualified sand and gravel gradation. Each specification of sand and gravel has a grading range. If the feeding control is not strict, and the grading is seriously out of range, which will generate a lot of waste. The measurement warehouse cannot measure in time, which not only causes low output, but also wastes a lot of raw materials.

3. The water content of sand and gravel is too high. The production capacity of the drying drum of the asphalt mixing station is matched with the equipment model. When the water content in the sand and gravel material is too high, the drying capacity will decrease. That also influence the output.

4. The burning fuel of fuel is very low. There are certain requirements for the burning oil in the asphalt mixing plant, which generally are diesel, heavy diesel or heavy oil. The mixture of several oils has low combustion value, which seriously affects the heating capacity of the drying cylinder.

5. Improper setting of equipment operating parameters. It is mainly reflected in the improper setting of dry mixing and wet mixing time and improper adjustment of the opening and closing time of the bucket door. On the premise of ensuring quality, try to shorten the mixing cycle time.

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