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Where to Buy New Concrete Pump Truck For Sale

Nov 16, 2022

After the customer has determined the model of the chassis, he must choose the boom according to his actual needs. The longer the boom of the new concrete pump truck for sale, the higher the price. At present, the boom length of the pump truck on the market is 18-78 meters. The length of the boom to choose can be determined according to your own use. The price is different for different lengths. The prices of different brands are also different.

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In addition to the selection of the chassis and boom of the concrete pump truck, the selection of many key components is different, which directly affects the price. As mentioned above, the chassis is related to the size of the horsepower and the cost of subsequent maintenance, and the selection of hydraulic parts, transfer case, motor, valve group, oil cylinder and other components.

Take the control system as an example. The control device can be a PLC system or a dedicated automation device. When the PLC system is used as a control device, although it has the flexibility and certain versatility of the PLC system, it is difficult to meet the requirements of high precision.

The longer the boom length of the pump truck, the farther the concrete can be transported during work. For example, The pumping distance of 42 meters is longer than 36 meter concrete pump. In fact, the boom length that can be used is shorter than the boom length of this pump truck.

The boom cannot be 100% extended during the actual deployment process, and it will have a certain arc. 36 meters refers to the distance from the turntable of the pump truck. The feeding height of the pumping system is generally about 1.5 meters. The reality is that when your boom is completely vertical, it can't work. When working, the two booms at the end must be bent.

The actual working distance of the boom of the pump truck is related to the location where your pump truck is supported, the inclination angle of the boom, and the number of sections of the boom, so for the same length, when choosing a pump truck, you need to choose models with more boom sections.

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