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How to Choose Asphalt Hot Plant For Sale

Nov 14, 2022

The asphalt hot plant for sale is a mechanical device used to produce various asphalt mixtures. It is a necessary equipment for building roads, villages, urban roads, large airports, coastal ports, parking lots, and freight yards. It has many models.

The main steps of pavement engineering construction are the production and paving of asphalt concrete. Improper selection of asphalt batch mix plant may make it difficult to control the entire project duration target, cost target, and quality target. Whether the selection and configuration is reasonable directly affects whether the project can be completed according to quality and quantity.

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If the asphalt mixing plant is not determined according to the relationship between the engineering quantity and the construction period, the selection of the asphalt mixing equipment model is too low, and the project engineering quantity cannot be completed within the specified time, resulting in a delay in the construction period.

Regardless of whether the selected model of asphalt concrete mixing plant is too low or too high, it will lead to waste of other corresponding resources and increase costs. Choosing the right model is related to the quality of pavement construction. The performance of asphalt mixture is controlled by parameters such as aggregate ratio, asphalt ratio, temperature, etc. Only when the relevant parameters of asphalt mixture are qualified can the pavement after molding meet the design standard.

Improper selection of asphalt batch plant will make the quality of asphalt mixture unstable and discontinuous, which will affect the asphalt paving construction technology, resulting in unqualified compactness, flatness, and structural depth of the asphalt pavement, directly affecting the pavement road performance.

At present, small asphalt mix plant is usually chosen. It is ideal equipment for small road construction or road maintenance projects, with a production capacity of 10 to 80 tons per hour, and can be easily transferred from one construction site to another.

Small mobile asphalt concrete mixing plant is composed of cold aggregate supply system, cold aggregate hoist, asphalt supply system, dust removal equipment, asphalt mixer, etc. The small mobile mixing plant uses a flat structure without a mixing tower.

Asphalt concrete production requires mobility, and the use of small mobile asphalt batching plant greatly reduces the cost of work. The capacity of Haomei small asphalt plant is 7-10 ton/hour. It can be operated directly on the construction site and migrated with the project. Welcome to leave message to inquire it.

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