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Which Kind of Dust Removal System for Asphalt Drum Plant

Jan 09, 2020

For asphalt drum plant, we have two kinds of dust removal systems: water and bag dust removal systems. If you want to save cost as much as possible and it is allowed in your country, you can choose water dust removal system.

1578559429849089.jpgIn the long term run, we recommend bag dust removal system for it is more Eco-friendly. In addition, it can efficiently recycle large particles and powder, which contributes to lessen production cost.

The bag dust removal system of asphalt drum mixing plant is made up of primary dust removal screw conveyor, volute dust collector, negative pressure air duct, secondary dust removal screw conveyor, bag dust collector, centrifugal induced draft fan and other components.

This system consists of two-stage dust removal equipment. The primary 1578559402246413.jpgdust removal equipment is for removing large particles, which is helpful for lessening the working pressure of the secondary dust removal equipment, thus extending its life time.

The secondary dust removal system can efficiently recycle most of the powder that is then transffered to the recycling powder bin for recycling or centralized discharge through the recycling powder conveying device.

After this step, the emission of asphalt drum plant is completely in accordance of your local requirements such us Europe and America. As an asphalt drum mix plant supplier, Haomei is devoted to pursue international quality and be the choice of global customers.

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