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Why Choose Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Feb 03, 2020

Self loading concrete mixer truck is unique machines designed to batch, mix and transport concrete. It is more and more popular in many countries. Why? It has many advantages compared with traditional concrete mixer truck.

self loading concrete mixer truck.jpgAs we all know,the construction sites has complicated road conditions and the road is generally narrow and poor. It will be difficult for the operators to drive on the rainy days. In addition, no matter feeding or unloading, the traditional concrete mixer needs the cooperation of other machinery. The whole process is generally troublesome. To a certain extent, it will affect the efficiency of the construction.

What's more, concrete transportation has time requirements. Generally the time from feeding to unloading can not exceed 90 minutes. Maybe you will consider some mobile concrete batching plant, but its price will be higher than self loading concrete mixer price.

Self loading mixer is an ideal choice for small project construction, integrating automatic loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. Haomei self loading concrete mixer adopts high-power diesel engine and hydraulic torque converter to ensure the power required for walking and stirring at the same time.

Another advantage of Haomei self loading mixer is that it can realize discharging at 270 degrees. 2.5 cubic meter, 3.0 cubic meter and 3.5 cubic meter are our popular models. What’s your requirements? Welcome to send inquiry to us.

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