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How to Effectively Extent the Service life of Mobile Concrete Plant

Jan 16, 2020

No matter what the equipment is, it has a certain life. The same is true for mobile concrete plant. So how to effectively extent the service life of the mobile concrete plant? Daily operation and maintenance is very important.


1. When the mobile concrete mixing plant starts up, it should be without load. After the mobile concrete mixing plant runs, the following work can be done in turns.

2. The dust prevention of the mobile concrete batching plant is particularly important. The accumulation of dust brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of the mixing plant, reducing the performance of all equipment, and shortening the life of the portable concrete plant.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance of machine parts.Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is sufficient, all electrical signs and all the instrument indication are normal.

4. The concrete mixer and the discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours to prevent the residual concrete from consolidating.

5. After each batch during the freezing season, the water in the water supply system should be drained. For the longer service life of the mobile concrete batching plant for sale, careful maintenance is an important part of equipment management.

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