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Why Is Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant So Popular

Aug 01, 2022

The traditional asphalt concrete plant is generally fixed in a certain place for production operations. When the site is transferred, this stationary asphalt plant has to be disassembled and reassembled. However, the mobile asphalt batching plant can be transferred with the construction site, effectively expanding the scope of use and improving the construction efficiency.

The system composition of a mobile asphalt mixing plant usually includes a wheeled chassis, an aggregate silo, an aggregate weighing device, an aggregate conveyor belt, a mixer and a power transmission mechanism installed on the chassis. The mobile asphalt mixing plant is of simple installation, accurate measurement and convenient construction.

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The main body of the mobile asphalt concrete plant is designed as four mobile modules, including the mixing equipment module, the grading module, the bag filter module and the drying drum module. Each module comes with a mobile chassis that can be towed by truck or tractor, pre-wired with plug and socket cables at the factory to reduce assembly time.

All equipment components are easy to use and completely safe during production and maintenance. The demolition and re-installation of the entire asphalt concrete plant can be completed within 6 days. The mobile asphalt batching plant inherits the advantages of the stationary one: accurate screening, accurate metering, batch mixing, high-quality finished asphalt.

The main pollutants in asphalt mixing plants are asphalt smoke, dust and noise. The control of dust is mainly through physical methods, including sealing, dust hood, air diversion, dust removal, recycling, etc. Noise reduction measures mainly include mufflers, sound insulation hoods, frequency conversion control, etc. Asphalt fume contains a variety of toxic components, and the treatment both physical and chemical methods.

The closed mobile asphalt batch mix plant is the development trend of the asphalt mixture industry. It features short installation period, modular detachable structure, excellent sound insulation, dust suppression, and environmental protection performance. Welcome to leave message below to inquire its price.

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