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Four Types of Concrete Pump Trucks

Aug 01, 2022

For meeting different construction need and budget, there are four different types of concrete pump trucks, respectively concrete mixer pump truck, trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete mixing pump and concrete boom pump.

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Concrete mixer pump truck

It has three kinds: electrical concrete mixing pump, full hydraulic concrete mixer pump and diesel concrete mixer pump. The electrical one is driven by all motors, easy to maintain, and has universal accessories.

The fully hydraulic one is an upgraded model of the electric one. The speed of the drum and the lifting of the hopper is accelerated, and the discharge speed is increased by 30% compared with the motor version, and the failure rate of the hydraulic version is small.

The diesel concrete mixing pump is driven by diesel engine drive. The output torque is larger, which is 1800 rpm while the the motor speed is only 1500 rpm. The oil output of the oil pump per minute increases by 20%, and the drum speed, hopper lifting speed and pumping speed are all accelerated by 20% with the same configuration.

Another advanced concrete mixing pump choose twin shaft concrete mixer, which increases the discharge speed by 50% compared with the drum mixer. The mixing method is the same as the mixing method of commercial concrete.

Truck mounted concrete pump truck

It is a truck-mounted model of trailer concrete mixing pump. The moving speed is fast. The whole vehicle can be registered, and the high-speed driving can be carried out. It also has three versions: electric, hydraulic and diesel one.

Trailer concrete pump

It is generally used for high-rise buildings, tunnels, dams and other large-scale construction, which is also divided into diesel version, motor version and hybrid version. The popular theoretical delivery volume is 60, 80 and 90 m3/h. The outlet pressure is divided into 10MP, 13MP and 16MP; the corresponding outlet pressure is selected according to different pumping heights.

Concrete boom pump

The heights of Haomei concrete pump trucks are 28-52 mter. They are suitable for complex rural terrain, and the X outriggers are convenient for construction in small spaces. They adopts open hydraulic system, good heat dissipation, Kawasaki or Rexroth main oil pump imported from South Korea, Dongfeng universal chassis,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire diesel concrete mixer pump price and other types of pumps.

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