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How Does 36 Meter Z Boom Concrete Pump Work

Aug 08, 2022

Concrete pump trucks are the modern concrete construction equipment integrating driving and pumping functions. It can ensure the construction quality of engineering construction, improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period and reduce labor intensity. It is widely used in transportation, energy, water and electricity, nuclear power, construction, national defense engineering and other fields.

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Different pump trucks will be designed according to the requirements of chassis length, width and height, mixer efficiency requirements, boom length requirements, etc. For example, under the condition that other configurations of the 33-meter pump truck remain unchanged, optimizing the boom design and adjusting the overall layout can get a 36 meter concrete pump.

The higher the boom height, the larger the pouring height and the distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. The high boom should be used as much as possible in the construction. The boom with a length of 28-33m has a large market share, accounting for about 75%.

How does the Z boom concrete pump work? After the concrete mixer truck unload the commercial concrete to the hopper of the pump truck, it is pressed to the conveying pipe by the pumping system and discharged through the end hose.

The unfolding and retracting of each boom is completed by each boom cylinder. Among them, the elevation angle of the 1# boom can swing within -2°~90°, the 2# boom and the 3# boom can swing 180°, and the four-section boom is unfolded in turn, and the action of the 4# boom can swing about 255°.

The hose at the end should be as close as possible to the pouring part when working, and the boom can rotate 365° around the fixed turret by driving the large rotary bearing through the rotary motor and the reducer.

At present, Haomei Z boom concrete truck are equipped with wireless remote control technology, and some large concrete pump trucks use industrial TV monitoring. In the future, mechatronics will be the main development direction of concrete pump trucks.

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