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Why Is Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Needed

Nov 03, 2021

In the process of road construction, a large amount of stabilized soil is needed, because stabilized soil is one of the most important raw materials in road construction, so how to make the stabilized soil required for road engineering is a big problem for builders.

That’s why we need a stabilized soil mixing plant. It can process various mixtures into stable soil, which greatly improves the engineering efficiency of road construction and shortens the construction time.

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The stabilized soil mixing plant is a is a fully automatic continuous operation equipment, which is widely used in the construction of the base and sub-base of high-grade highways and urban roads.

There are many types, specifications and mixing ratios of the materials to be mixed, and the equipment itself does not have a screening device. Therefore, the quality of the stabilized soil has a great relationship with the quality of the raw materials provided. It is necessary to strengthen the quality management o various raw materials.

The raw materials used in the mixing of the stabilized soil include coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, powder, water and additives. It should be confirmed whether its quality meets the requirements of the construction specification, and the raw materials that do not meet the quality requirements should be resolutely not used.

The storage of raw materials should be managed well. The change of the water content of the aggregate has a great influence on the quality of the mixture. The aggregates of various particle sizes from different origins should be stored in a pile with good drainage.

At the same time, it must be considered that sufficient amount of aggregate should be stored at all times to ensure continuous operation of the continuous stabilized soil mixing plant without interruption of work due to lack of material.

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